How This Website Will Help You Get More

Clients And Make More Sales


If you want to turn your passion for personal training into a serious business then you are in the right place.

If you don’t even have a fitness business yet, well you’re also in the right place.

Here’s the deal:

You must learn about human psychology to get clients and make sales.

If you know what makes people “tick’ it is sooo much easier to get their attention and keep it. It’s also easier to get them to take some form of action (like buying or talking).

How is this website going to help you find out what makes people tick?

I will teach you how to think like your potential clients by providing you with easy-to-action tutorials, blog posts and videos that will help you improve your fitness business.

Sound interesting?

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Who Is Rick Watson?

Image of Rick Watson


All of the content and hustle behind PT Business In A Box is provided by me… Rick Watson. A personal trainer for over fourteen years and running my own personal training businesses for twelve of those, I now pass on my collective personal training business knowledge through this site, my coaching program and the PT Fight Club

Why would you want to listen to me?

Importantly,  I value experience and everything it that it brings. Before I began coaching, I  built up my own 6-figure personal training studio from scratch and ran it successfully for 6 years, franchised a mobile personal training business, managed a team of 20 trainers in an exclusive London gym, lectured cert 3 and 4: fitness and designed / presented unique CEC accredited courses on the topic’s of functional training, outdoor training and exceeding client expectations.

It’s been a busy few years :-)

For the last four years, I have concentrated my efforts on helping other trainers start and build their businesses. I really enjoy watching trainers learn, grow and develop into great business owners. This is my passion – helping personal trainers evolve into successful business owners.

Now I am definitely not your average personal trainer – I surf as much as I can, I meditate daily, I love hanging out in my veggie garden with the family after work and I like to learn how people work; what makes them tick. Creating this work/life balance is something that I have worked hard to find over a long period of time and it is only recently I have managed to occasionally get the balance right.

Looking forward, you can expect to receive the same level of quality content on the blog and so much more. More interviews, helpful products, resources  and video tutorials – everything you need to build your business is going to be right at your finger-tips, delivered in my no-bullshit approach.

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See you in the comments section,

Rick :-)